Amy Bamboo Sky Adventures Braid Protector


Cena przekreślona jest najniższą, która obowiązywała w okresie 30 dni przed wprowadzeniem obniżki.

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Bamboo braid-protector

Bamboo braid-protector from the Nature Bamboo by Amy collection is a unique product. It can be used in many ways that your imagination can suggest. It is perfect as a protector in the crib and in the parents’ bed. It accompanies toddlers while they play on the floor, and older children use it in various ways during creative follies. Our braid is a guarantee of peaceful sleep and safe play.


This amazing collection from the Fairytale Adventures series is inspired by the little explorers of the world, which are all children. The charming, colorful pattern introduces a joyful atmosphere to the child’s room. From the first days of life, the baby will be surrounded by a natural fabric showing a fairy-tale, colorful world.

Bamboo fabric

We chose the highest quality bamboo that has important properties:
• it is as delicate and soft as silk
• is hypoallergenic, perfect for baby’s sensitive skin
• is antibacterial and antifungal
• neutralizes unpleasant odors
• perfectly absorbs moisture
• protects against harmful UV rays

BabySoft Filling

The filling of the braid is a BabySoft silicone insulation, which is a guarantee of appropriate thickness and softness, ensuring that the child does not get cold and overheat. The properly selected fiber structure makes it perfect for baby’s sensitive skin.


To our braid we add a FREE embroidered reusable bag, made of 100% cotton. You can take it shopping, to the beach or for a walk in the park. It is an interesting gadget that goes with a variety of styles.
Our bamboo braid will accompany you from the first moments of your life until school age.
The product will be a unique gift for an exceptional baby.

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